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Erie Prep Educational Tracks

All students take the required classes according to the state of Pennsylvania.  Every student takes 14 credits of core classes (Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Science).

Students will also take an additional 5 credits within their chosen track, 1 credit of Health and Physical Education, 2 credits of Bible and 2 additional elective credits. Our students will graduate with 24 total credits.  All of our track’s lead to higher education and will help students discover their interests.

Business Track

Business Management, Accounting I, Accounting II, Entrepreneurship, Purchasing, Business Math, Marketing, Financial Peace

Fine Arts Track

Music, Choir, History of Dance, Painting, Drawing, Dramaturg, Production Writing, Digital Art, Band, Drum Corps, Worship Band, Music Theory, History of the Arts, Drama Script, Drama Stage

Sports Track

Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Sports Management, Performance Analytics, First Aid and Safety, Life Fitness, Financial Peace, Coaching

College Prep Track

Honors classes, college courses, 14 credits of core classes, 2 credits of bible, 1 credit of health and Physical education and 5 elective classes/college classes.    

Ministry Track

Word of God, Prayer, Evangelism, Fellowship, Praise and Worship, Old Testament survey, New Testament survey, Church history, Children and Youth ministry, Financial Peace

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