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Game Plan

Athletic Minds, Strong Bodies Brilliant Futures

              EPA's sports program is a comprehensive and dedicated initiative designed to develop students' athletic skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Students can benefit from personalized training plans tailored to their unique needs and abilities. The school's professional coaching staff, coupled with state-of-the-art athletic facilities, including an indoor soccer filed, fitness center, and sports arena, provide students with the best possible resources for training and competition. Enabling students to enhance their athletic abilities, build confidence, foster teamwork, and showcase their talents and potential. Ultimately, EPA's sports program aims to develop students' athletic skills and leadership, enabling them to excel in sports competitions, achieve success, and feel a sense of accomplishment.


Starting in 2024-2025 School Year, EPA will have PIAA sanctioned teams!

Soccer Tackle


Compete in regional games within the PIAA community. Varsity teams available. 10 on campus soccer fields are available to student teams.

Wrestling on the Mat


Enjoy access to the practice gym for all enrolled wrestling students.

Basketball Match


Compete in regional games within the PIAA community. Varsity and Postgraduate teams available. On campus courts are available to students.

Volleyball Practice


Compete in regional games within the PIAA community. Varsity teams available.

Post-Graduate Program

Erie Preparatory Academy's (EPA) Post-Graduate Program is meticulously crafted to provide high school graduates with a strategically structured gap-year experience, aligning academic and athletic pursuits to fortify their candidacy for college admission and enhance the prospects of success in higher education.

Villarreal Camp Program

EPA is the proud academic and housing partner of the Villarreal VF and Erie Sports Center collaboration. On campus housing will allow students to train and compete all year round.


Fitness Room

Welcome to our premier gym, a hub for student fitness and athletic development. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and top-tier equipment, our gym offers an unparalleled training environment. Professional coaches with expertise in various sports disciplines provide tailored training programs, ensuring optimal physical development. This supportive community fosters resilience and growth, encouraging students to push their limits and achieve new heights. Our gym is not just about physical fitness—it's a place where students can strengthen their minds and bodies, setting the stage for success in sports and academics alike. Join us to experience the ultimate in fitness education.

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