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Global Online Learning

About EPA Online Learning

EPA Global Learning is a leading online education platform dedicated to providing a high-quality learning experience for students worldwide.  With a diverse range of accredited courses, flexible scheduling options, and a commitment to individualized education, EPA Global Learning empowers students to achieve their academic and career goals.  Our courses are designed by experienced experts and supported by a strong tradition of care and educational excellence.  Choose EPA Global Learning for a transformative online learning experience that opens doors to a brighter future.


Why Students Take Online Classes

EPA Global Learning is your best choice because we offer an outstanding online learning experience and provide you with numerous unique advantages and opportunities:


1. Diverse Course Selection: Our course catalog covers a wide range of subjects and difficulty levels, including high school core courses and AP courses. This means you can choose courses that align with your personal interests and goals, shaping your academic path.

2. Flexibility and Convenience: EPA Global Learning allows you to schedule your learning based on your own timetable. This is especially crucial for busy student-athletes, travelers, or those with other commitments. Our online courses provide you with the freedom to better balance academics and life.

3. High-Quality Education: Our courses are designed by experienced education experts, ensuring you receive a high-quality education. You'll benefit from the opportunity to learn alongside passionate teachers and fellow students, fostering academic interests.

4. Comprehensive Accreditation: EPA Global Learning holds accreditation from multiple reputable institutions, including Cognia, NCAA, and A-G UC system. This means you can confidently share your academic achievements with college admissions officers and sports recruiters, increasing your chances of admission and scholarships.

5. Educational Tradition and Care: At EPA Global Learning, we are grounded in the teachings of Christ and the educational philosophy. We prioritize reason, religious faith, and kindness in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Whether on campus or online, we provide you with care and support.

6. Meeting Varied Student Needs: Our online courses cater to a wide range of students, including those in need of remediation, seeking special courses, facing time conflicts, dealing with geographic constraints, actively involved in sports and the arts, managing medical concerns, aiming for early graduation, or requiring flexible learning arrangements.


At EPA Global Learning, we believe education has the power to change lives. Choose us to embark on your academic journey and realize a multitude of academic and career opportunities.

For Current EPA Global Students:

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