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Welcome to EPA

We at EPA value the diverse perspectives and experiences that international students bring to our campus.  We believe that the exchange of ideas and conversations with students from around the world enriches our learning environment and contributes to the growth of all members of our community.  As such, we warmly welcome international students and look forward to the unique contributions they will bring to our campus.

Step 1- Ask yourself

Is EPA the right fit for you and your family?  All schools have distinct differences.  We are excited to find out what is important to you and sharing what makes EPA a good fit.  We believe we can help you attain a quality education which will open up many opportunities.  The combination of a new campus and experienced staff provide a great recipe for success.


Step 2- Are you ready

After you complete step one, we may schedule a visit. See the school and speak with us to continue exploring if this could be the right fit. We offer flexible options.

After the visit, many students set up a day to shadow a student and experience a normal day at EPA. Contact the office at (814) 679-4400 to make arrangements.


Step 3- Apply

Once you have decided to apply to EPA, your agent will assist you in preparing the necessary application materials. Please email your application documents to


Step 4- Interview

We will contact you to schedule an interview.


Step 5 Enroll

Once you receive an acceptance letter, you can enroll and be an official EPA student.


Step 6 F-1 Visa

Upon a student's decision to enroll, EPA will generate and issue the Form I-20, which is a crucial document required for obtaining the F-1 Student Visa. After receiving the Form I-20, the student should promptly schedule an appointment with the Immigration Office located at the nearest United States Embassy to apply for the F-1 Student Visa.

Thank you for prayerfully considering EPA. We are here to help you along the way. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact us at (814) 679-4400.

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