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  • Home of the Erie Commodores FC

  • Host of Laxbash Lacrosse Tournaments

  • Host of various soccer Tournaments

  • Baseball and softball training and tournament venue

  • Home of the Scallywags Rugby Club

  • Visitation of over 300,000 athletes, coaches and families per year

Since 2013, the Erie Sports Commission has supported 17 events held at what is now called Erie Sports Center. Those 17 events have generated an estimated $11.3 million in economic impact. The largest in terms of impact was The Boo Bash, hosted by Lax Bash Lacrosse in October 2020 – it generated more than $1.5 million alone and saw more than 1,300 participants. The largest in terms of participation has traditionally been the Erie Admirals Elite Challenge Cup, which was las hosted in 2019, and has seen more than 2,000 participants.

Future Development:

Phase 3 – Sports Fields renovation – outdoor stadium development, 8 baseball fields, 12 soccer/lacrosse fields

截屏2023-12-02 02.48.15.png
截屏2023-12-02 03.05.18.png
截屏2023-12-02 02.44.25.png
  • 61,000 sqft of FIFA certified Astro turf dome

  • Full size soccer field, 2 baseball/softball fields and 3 indoor soccer/lacrosse/flag football fields

  • All new LED lights, completely cleaned roof structure, newly painted

  • New nets for spectator safety

  • Fully refurbished bathrooms, lobby, café, restaurant

  • New signage

  • Upgraded wifi

  • 5 new 86 inch TV’s

  • New coaches room

  • New sports store

  • New conference and events room

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